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Then and Now: Ever-changing Worlds


The world is constantly in motion, ever-changing. The beauty of the present moment lies in the fact that it will never be the same again. This exhibition explores the concept of change, and the way that the past and present influence each other.

Project Details





250 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members

  • 100 for Presale

  • 100 for Public sale


Presale: February 28th, 9am PST

Public Sale: February 28th 10am PST

Presale access is given to all Mirage Gallery Members. 


Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from each artist at any point in time.


0.08 Ξ + gas per artwork with a maximum of 10 artworks per transaction (max 3 per transaction for presale). 





Artist, maker and creator from a winter town in Sweden. Revrart began his generative art career making algorithms for plotters. Instead of drawing himself, it was more interesting to make computers draw patterns impossible for a human to make. Fascinated by the thought of something someone never has seen, and "nobody" has made quickly made Revrart fall deep into the generative art space and he constantly finds new ways of creating visuals. Think of a taste or that has not existed before this moment or a sound that never has been heard. An image never seen is now possible to be shown to someone else and that is very powerful. The symbiotic motionless dance with the algorithm becomes a silent dialog and each iteration expresses something unique and impossible to prepare the mind for.

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