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Mirage Gallery



Mirage Gallery Memberships allow for bonus perks related to Mirage Gallery Curated and other Mirage Gallery projects!

These membership tokens allow all holders to have early access to MG Curated minting, automatic entry in giveaways, surprise future airdrops, and Sentient members will even get to claim 1 free piece from every MG Curated drop at any point in time!

A small number of membership tokens exist:

- 50 Sentient

- 83 Intelligent

If you hold a Sentient Membership and want to claim your curated artworks, click here.

Looking to buy a membership? Minting is closed so you'll only be able to get one on the secondary market.


If you are looking to purchase a Sentient membership. Check the tokenID on the OpenSea page and click here to see if it has unclaimed pieces from curated drops! 


M.G. Curated Early Mint

M.G. Curated Free Claim


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