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Mirage Gallery Memberships allow for bonus perks related to Mirage Gallery Curated and other Mirage Gallery projects!


Intelligent Member Card image

Intelligent Member

  • M.G. Curated Presale Access
Sentient Member Card image

Sentient Member

  • M.G. Curated Presale Access
  • M.G. Curated Free Claim

These membership tokens allow:

  • 1

    All holders to have early access to MG Curated minting

  • 2

    Automatic entry in giveaways

  • 3

    Surprise future airdrops

  • 4

    Sentient members even get to claim 1 free piece from every MG Curated drop at any point in time!

What our members say

“I have always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and art, and I have found the perfect outlet for my passion with my Intelligent Membership with Mirage Gallery. This membership has given me a unique opportunity to support the emerging but also well recognised artists pushing the boundaries of AI art, while also building my personal art collection with some truly breathtaking pieces. The curation of Mirage Gallery, the innovation brought by the curated artists and the outstanding community behind the doors of Mirage are precious gems in the wild universe of AI NFTs!

A key benefit of the Intelligent Membership is the guarantee that I will have priority access to the sale of the collections, which are usually highly sought after and in high demand. This exclusive access allowed me to mint from artists I‘d likely have failed to collect in a more traditional gas war! Above all, August is also very involved in the community and fosters a team spirit among members, creating a welcoming and supportive environment. The team is always available to answer questions and provide support to members, which is a testament to their dedication and commitment to the NFT scene in the pure spirit of web3!”

@CorsicanEmperorIntelligent member

“It‘s hard to encapsulate in a few words the array of benefits that come with a Sentient Membership. The most tangible benefit is of course the guaranteed free mint for every single MG drop. There is no time limit on the claim, taking away all the usual stresses that can occur around minting, leaving me free to enjoy the innovative and varied artwork produced by the curated artists. I really enjoy being part of a group of dedicated collectors who are passionate about AI as a rapidly developing form of artistic expression, there is a members-only channel in the Discord where we can chat about the art and see sneak peeks from upcoming drops.

August and the team really listen to and value feedback from the community, often making changes or launching new initiatives as a result of discussions with members. This adds an extra dimension to the membership, where I feel that rather than just being a collector, I get to influence the future direction of the platform. My MG membership is one of my most valued NFTs and I am very excited to see what happens next.”

@42ordinarymiceSentient member