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The artistic intersection of humans and artificial intelligence.
We are Dreamers.


It is important that Dreamers have real world impact. 

This is why we are excited to announce 'Dreaming of a Better World', a monthly contest with art submitted by
Dreamers holders, where the winning piece is minted, and auctioned, with proceeds going to the Dreamer who submitted the artwork and the selected charity/cause for the month.

Art will be able to be created with AI models through our Discord server, or created elsewhere. 

8,000 Dreamers

Each Dreamer is the combination of traditional fine-art, machine learning, and collectibles.

Dreamers are all around us. When surrounded by darkness, Dreamers see the light.

Are you a Dreamer?


4 Different Creators 


Model 1

1,500 / 8,000


Model 2

5,875/ 8,000
25/8,000 Animated



500 / 8,000



100 / 8,000

Why Dreamers?

Why Dreamers?

Mirage Gallery is creating a web3 gallery that caters to the main interests that we see in the space. 

At Mirage Gallery we currently have

When we started seeing PFP projects take off, we did not yet feel able to create a collection on a large scale that represented the gallery as a whole.

PFPs were the one style of art we had not yet explored, and we feel it was the missing piece to round out the full Mirage Gallery collection.

Dreamers project has been over 6 months in the making, and will be a large stepping stone in growing the Mirage Gallery community.

The Process

Step 1: Base Layers


Traditional artist, @wheatatreat, creates a large set of individual faces and backgrounds.


Step 2: Dataset

Large dataset is created by scrambling up all of the faces and backgrounds and adding variations.


Step 3: Training

Train AI models (GANs) on the dataset created in step 2.


Step 4: (lots of) Image Processing

The models output lots of images that were visually similar to one another. This step compares all and removes similar images.


Step 5: Traits

After hand labelling some of the outputs, a convolutional neural network was trained to learn how to assign traits to the rest of the images.

We also used a pre-trained CLIP model in order to assign some additional traits.

Minting Phases

Part of what makes NFTs special is that due to secondary sale royalties, creators are able to have a low mint price while still having the potential to be rewarded in the long term.

We don't believe in high primary mint costs for large-scale projects. 

Minting opens on August 22nd and closes on September 5th.

Phase 1 - 1pm UTC
Phase 2 - 3pm UTC
Phase 3 - 5pm UTC
Phase 4 - 7pm UTC

Minting is Currently Closed.


Phase 1:

1pm UTC

MG Member Guaranteed Mint

(Max 20 per membership)

0.02 Ξ

Phase 2:

MG Holder & Partner Allowlists Guaranteed Mint

0.04 - 0.06 Ξ

(Max 5. If you registered as a holder and a partner, you'll be able to mint 10)

3pm UTC

Phase 3:

MG Holder & Partner Allowlists Open Mint

(No mint limits)

0.06 Ξ

5pm UTC

Phase 4:

(All remaining tokens)

0.06 Ξ

Public Sale

7pm UTC

Mint Detais
The Process


Creating a large scale AI project that has variety, interesting traits, and appealing looks while also including a human artist into the original training dataset has been an exploration.

Just like the cubism movement, this collection is not meant to be a perfect representation of human form but a celebration of the wonderfully weird ways that art and AI meet to push the edge of art history. Much like our human inputs, the
Dreamers and their AI assigned traits aren't perfect.

For the people, by the people
artists, by artists
dreamers, by dreamers

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