a truly digital artist


Art that Develops with each sale

What's the point of this? 

Most NFTs are just JPEGs that people trade back and forth that sometimes increase in value. If the collectible is a digital item, shouldn't it include some dynamic aspect to it? 

With Crypto-Native, the artwork evolves when a secondary sale happens. Meaning instead of just trading the same JPEG back and forth, you only get to own a unique step in the 10 phases of evolution for a piece. 

Each piece will forever lock in place after 10 phases of evolution and can't revert to any of the older phases.

Which phase is the best? That is entirely subjective and part of the fun. Some people like less trained artwork while others may like a more refined version. Nobody will know what the next phase looks like until the sale has been confirmed on OpenSea.

Want to lock in a piece before it has hit its 10th phase of evolution? Read about collector perks below.


Example phases

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Token distribution


Will be airdropped to the founding team members + friends in the crypto/NFT space 


Minted right here through this site. Minting ability will close on TBD. Any leftover will never been seen.


Airdropped evenly to the top 10 largest Crypto-Native collectors after the other 750 have been claimed.


Chosen by the voting of all current collectors and listed for auction

What do they look like?

Crypto-Native is creating a wide variety of starting phases. Could be anything from the example seen above, to crazy digital style art.

Nobody gets to see what piece(s) they got until TBD

Collector perks

Since the crypto-native artist is entirely A.I. generated. We have lots of time to focus on the collectors.

The most obvious collector perk is the airdropping of some of the 801-950 pieces if you are a large collector.

We have perks for smaller collectors too, don't worry. Want to be able to lock in one of your pieces before it reaches its 10th phase of evolution? All you need is to be holding 10 pieces that are on their 5th or higher phase of evolution. Once this happens, you can DM us on twitter (@miragegalleryai) and request to have one of your current pieces locked in place forever. Yes we will verify your wallet address to make sure you are the real owner. 

Want to personally vote on the minting of a certain piece? After the first 900 pieces have been minted. The last 100 will be chosen by all collectors and listed for auction from Mirage Gallery. It'll work by allowing all of the collectors to participate in a voting to pick 100 pieces out of a larger set.

Any collector that is holding 10 or more Crypto-Native pieces (at any phase of evolution) will be able to edit the name of any of the pieces they currently own. DM us on twitter (@miragegalleryai) in order to create a custom name.

Minting schedule

Rules of Evolution

Sales must be at least 25% higher than the previous sale price in order for the piece to evolve.

Minimum first sale price: 0.2 ETH.

Sales must happen on OpenSea.

Artworks will only evolve on or after TBD.

If the 750 pieces are minted by collectors, we will integrate a full gallery dashboard into the site allowing collectors to view all of their Crypto-Native pieces. This dashboard will also allow collector to enjoy their 'Collector Perks' without needing to reach out to us on Twitter. This means that the dashboard will allow collectors to lock their pieces, or rename their pieces (assuming they meet the criteria) 


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