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A digital artist, evolving with each sale


Most NFTs are just JPEGs that people trade back and forth that sometimes increase in value. If the collectible is a digital item, shouldn't it include some dynamic aspect to it? 

With Crypto-Native, the artwork evolves when a secondary sale happens. Meaning instead of just trading the same JPEG back and forth, you only get to own a unique step in the 10 phases of evolution for a piece. 

Each piece will forever lock in place after 10 phases of evolution and can't revert to any of the older phases.


Which phase is the best? That is entirely subjective and part of the fun. Some people like less trained artwork while others may like a more refined version. Nobody will know what the next phase looks like until the sale has been confirmed on OpenSea.

Collector's dashboard coming soon!

The mint sold out in under 10 minutes. If you'd like to pick up a piece. Click the button below and head over to the OpenSea collection!


TOKENS 0 - 49​

Airdropped to founding team and friends


TOKENS 50 - 59​

Reserved for exclusive OpenSea auction

TOKENS 50 - 979

Minting occurs on MG site through September 1st 2021


TOKENS 980 - 999

Collectors select final pieces to be auctioned.

Date TBD

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