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Drop 13

Synthetic Horizons



Thomas Intuitive Art

Thomas is an Austrian based NFT artist whose interest in emerging technologies led to his experiments with Artificial Intelligence. Excited by its artistic possibilities, his AI prompts are the jumping off point for works that combine color, sound and animation to explore the perfection of imperfection. His works have been exhibited in several traditional physical galleries all over the world (NYC, France, LA, Tokio and Rome) including NFT NYC 2022.

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There are countless paths waiting to be discovered, and countless horizons ready to be explored. This exhibition showcases the beauty of exploration, and the way that technology can open up new vistas of possibility.

Project Details

The World Outside



Do not close yourself in monotony, your own bubble, the comfort zone. Go outside and make the world yours!



Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from this drop at any point in time! Even once the drop is fully sold out.

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