Synthetic Heartbeats

Synthetic Heartbeats by Haze Long

Technology has the power to touch our hearts, sparking new emotions and inspiring us in ways we never imagined. This exhibition showcases the beauty of the synthetic, and the way that technology can provide a connection beyond our physical reality. Technology has the power to bring us closer together and show us paths we never thought possible. With Synthetic Heartbeats, we explore the many connections between ourselves, technology, and the world around us.

"Synthetic Heartbeats" is an assisted AI collection that explores the interplay between textures and emotions. Through fluid brushstrokes and synths, each portrait comes to life, pulsing with its own unique heartbeat. The collection blends trad-digital art techniques with AI technology to create a mesmerizing experience that captures the essence of the human experience. With bold use of color, the portraits are a celebration of the beauty and complexity of human emotion, and each canvas is a window into the soul. The fluidity of the paint, combined with the intricate textures, creates a captivating visual experience that invites viewers to get lost in the details, and to experience the bravura of brush strokes to evoke deep and powerful emotions.