Reinventions by KaptN

Let’s revisit one of humanity’s oldest and greatest stories once again -but with a whole new twist! A story of folly, belief, perseverance, and hope. A story of humanity’s weakness and strength. The collection utilized the latest AI image generation tools to reimagine a classical art technique: Collage!

Noah’s Ark is a collection of AI-generated collages deriving inspiration from a story dating all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. Technically it is an attempt to reimagine and recreate a classical method but refreshing and REINVENTING it using the latest tools in our visual art creation arsenal. Noah’s Ark and the story of the great deluge is a metaphor that I have chosen to depict the controversy and challenges I (and a handful of other early adopters) have been facing since I adopted machine learning tools to create my works some years ago. Much like building a colossal ship amidst inland, far from the sea, it was grotesque, meaningless, and futile at first… Many choose to ignore or make fun of it. Until the Deluge became obvious that is… Now people are flocking in hopes to take a place at the ark!