Oneiroscapes by Maneki Neko

Dreams are the realm of possibility, a space in which we can explore our innermost imaginations. Through dreams, we can access boundless creativity, magical realms and fantastical journeys, allowing us to escape the boundaries of our waking lives. Venture beyond the boundaries of reality and explore the world of oneironautics.

The Oneiroscapes collection explores the realm of dreams through a collaboration between an artist and an AI. Transcribed for your viewing, these dreamscapes capture the surreal and ever-shifting nature of our subconscious mind. Imagine a dream where reality appears familiar, yet, upon closer inspection, the details become increasingly nonsensical: the writing on a sign, the face of a companion, all seemingly taking on new and strange forms. These dreams can be most accurately shared through imagery, and working with AI provides the perfect medium to capture and interpret them. Describing a dream is akin to exploring latent space with AI, where every possible scene exists if the right sequence of words is combined to conjure it. The human form may be distorted, fingers may be too many, and faces may be unlike any you've seen before. But that is what makes the experience all the more satisfying, as both the artist and the viewer participate in the creation of this art by giving each symbol a meaning and label, even if it doesn't make sense in the waking world.