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Japanese Garden

Drop 6

New Dimension


In a universe of endless possibility, there are an infinite number of ways to experience reality. This exhibition showcases the beauty of the unknown, and the way that new dimensions can transport us to far-off lands.

Project Details






This collection of works is inspired by Hasui Kawase's woodblock prints and geometric abstraction. Elegant landscapes deconvolve into a plethora of geometric elements. Pattern, line, and shape emerge while maintaining and conveying a nod to Hasui's original artwork.


150 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members

  • 100 for public sale

Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from each artist at any point in time.





Huemin is an experimental artist and professional dabbler focused on expressing and promoting individual artistic potential through digital media. In 2020, Huemin discovered AI as a means to mimic his photography, sketches, and digital paintings. Today, AI has completely changed his creative process and his ability to share abstract ideas and concepts.

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