Meta Masks

Meta Masks by David Rees

Our digital identities are inherently transformative. We get to choose our name and our profile picture or avatar. We choose the masks we wear. But it is just a mask. There is a light side and dark side to digital culture and how it changes each of us. Masks protect us and they transform us. For good and for bad. For some having their identity protected gives them a fresh start, they can be who they always wanted to be. Safe from their past, born again. But others use this anonymity to live without consequence and for their own personal gain. “Meta Masks” explores this transformative nature of physical to digital. Each piece is created by moving between the two states, one informing the other until the artwork exists in duality between a painting and a digital animation. Transformation between physical and digital. Hidden truths. These are the themes of “Meta Masks” and the themes that permeate our digital culture.

Price: 0.12 ETH

Meta Masks is a captivating exploration of the power of movement and emotion. This exhibition celebrates the art of performance, showcasing the transfixing beauty of human expression through digital media. Fusing together a powerful blend of technology and artistry, this collection of moving GIFs unpacks the subtle nuances of emotion, revealing our hidden selves through a captivating display of facial expressions. Journey through an ever-evolving digital world and explore the depths of human emotion as you experience the transformative power of motion expressed through digital masks. Discover a new realm of creativity and unlock the secrets of bringing emotion to life with Meta Masks.