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Drop 12

Lost Memories



Ren AI

Ren is an Italian traditional painter and AI whisperer. After many years of painting on commission he embraced AI to help him cut ties with the classic style and explore new ways of expression. He merges the old masters' art with his modern taste using instinctive brush strokes, layered lights and hidden meanings. The scenes are taken from everyday life, but they convey the deepest feelings of the subjects depicted. The viewer can take in the craft and the message to bring home a reaction that will make them think for long time.

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As time passes, memories fade and eventually disappear entirely. This exhibition showcases the beauty of forgetting, and the way that memories can be lost, but never forgotten.

Project Details




As we grow old so do all the memories we made in the past years. Places, sensations and situations laying beneath a thin layer of dust. They are not forgotten but merely lost, ready to resurface when we least expect it. A particular light or a smell, anything can trigger it. Lost Memories is a collection to remember the experiences that shaped our life and to long for new ones.



Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from this drop at any point in time! Even once the drop is fully sold out.

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