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Life and Death: An Exploration of Impermanence


Life and death are two sides of the same coin, a never-ending cycle of change. This exhibition explores the concept of impermanence, and the beauty and inevitability of death.

Project Details





250 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members


Sentient members can claim 1 free artwork from each artist at any point in time.





Austiin is a New England writer that discovered AI as a new way to communicate deep-complex ideas. Revealing through the perception of AI- a reality closer to our true experiences. Fueled by hazy recollections and a dash of paranoia. His creative process is observing what resonates, and what that says about himself. The brush strokes of AI are the intuitive relationship that forms between the artist and the machine, how it can get one to influence it and vise versa. Through the rorshachs of AI- he can learn more about his own perception and what the world looks like to him.

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