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Drop 4

Incoherent Elegance


In a universe of chaos and confusion, there is a strange and beautiful elegance. This exhibition explores the concept of chaos, and the way that order can be found in the midst of disorder.

Project Details

Embracing Chaos



As AI-assisted artists we can either attempt to control our outcomes, with ever more complex text prompts, seed images, depth maps, weights and masks, or we can cede more latitude to our AI collaborator, opening the door to unexpected surprises and delights.
The theme of this collection is Embracing the Chaos of the AI-Human partnership, creating detailed and beautiful visions within the realms of Earth, Water and Spirit, using the bare minimum of pre-ordained parameters.


250 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members

  • 100 for Presale

  • 100 for Public sale





Saucebook is based in the UK, and has another life as a professional consultant in financial services compliance. His creative life is centred around music, writing and, for the past year, creation of visual art using text to image AI software. A lifelong technology fan, he initially assumed that the more complex the artistic process, the better would be the end result, and he geared his efforts towards the creation of story-telling animated NFTs. But he found his niche when he started to create ever more detailed 2D stills, generating high resolution pictures of scenes where coherence was not an essential requirement. The current collection is the culmination of that development.

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