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Drop 7

Entangled Structures


In a universe of chaos and confusion, there is a strange and beautiful elegance. This exhibition explores the concept of chaos, and the way that order can be found in the midst of disorder.

Project Details




These awe-inspiring scenes will draw you in and make you forget about your worldly issues. As you get sucked in by the intricate details you find yourself transported to the locale, living it, feeling it, exploring it, meditating in it, and dreaming about what could be beyond the frame.


Feel the MOOD, become the MOOD.


225 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members

  • 175 for public sale





Inner_Sanctum is a self-taught artist from Portugal. He’s been a creative person since he can remember and started drawing at the age of three. Throughout his life, he has always sought creative outlets with which to express himself. After being introduced to AI in September of 2021 he felt a burning passion which drove him to quit his day job and fully dedicate himself to practicing, experimenting, and honing his skills and would work up to 14 hours a day. He has now found self-actualization and now helps others in any way he can that are struggling to find theirs.

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Pancakes aka 'Mrflosunday' is a Filipino-born Digital artist who renders, drawings, and photography and mixes them with AI. Always striving for that unique flavor and to evolve as an artist. His art is influenced by games, movies, and his own vivid imagination. Ironically he rarely does pancake art even though Pancakes is his pseudonym. Some of his works have been featured in both physical and digital galleries such as NFT Philippines 2022 and NFT art gallery in Boston, MA.

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