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Mirage Gallery

Dreaming of a better world

We've all dreamed of changing the world. Envisioned the impact we'd leave behind. Some say it is the fading of our childish desires, at times it feels like our post-modernistic world leaves us no purpose...


Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single person has the capability to be a catalyst of change, and the impact we have is a direct reflection of our mindset.


With AI image generation and synthesis, the friction to communicate story and emotion through art has diminished. It is time to leverage your story and vision to become part of a movement to create impact through fine art.


We'd like to introduce Dreamers: Dreaming of a better world.


Each month, we will organize an art competition for a cause by selecting an art theme to inspire the conversation. To participate in the competition, you must hold a Dreamer which is your access token to state-of-the-art image generation software through our discord.


Each month a cause is decided on with input from the MG community and a theme is chosen


Dreamers holders are able to submit one artwork per Dreamer before a set deadline


MG holders vote and decide on 10 favorite artworks


MG Curated artists & MG team pick the winner


Winning artwork is minted and put for auction.

10% goes to the artist, and the rest is donated to the cause

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