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Dreaming of a better world.

An initiative focused on using art for good.

We've all dreamed of changing the world. Envisioned the impact we'd leave behind.

How it works

We'd like to introduce Dreamers: Dreaming of a better world.

Each 1-3 months, we will organize an art competition for a cause by selecting an art theme to inspire the conversation. Anyone can submit artwork, and Dreamers holders will be able to vote on their favorite.

  • 1

    Each 1-3 months a cause is decided on with input from the MG community and a theme is chosen.

  • 2

    Anyone in the community is able to submit an artwork before a set deadline

  • 3

    Dreamers holders vote and decide on their favorite artwork

  • 4

    Winning artwork is minted and put for auction. Up to 10% goes to the artist (this is up to the artist), and the rest is donated to the cause.