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8,000 Dreamers

Each Dreamer is the combination of traditional fine-art, machine learning, and collectibles. Until further notice, there are only 1485 Dreamers.

4 Different Creators

Model 1 cover

Model 1

Model 2 cover

Model 2

Dalle cover


@wheattreat cover


The Process

Step 1: Base layers

Traditional artist, @wheatatreat, creates a large set of individual faces and backgrounds.


Step 2: Data set

Large dataset is created by scrambling up all of the faces and backgrounds and adding variations.


Step 3: Training

Train AI models (GANs) on the dataset created in step 2.


Step 4: (lots of) Image Processing

The models output lots of images that were visually similar to one another. This step compares all and removes similar images.


Step 5: Traits

After hand labelling some of the outputs, a convolutional neural network was trained to learn how to assign traits to the rest of the images.We also used a pre-trained CLIP model in order to assign some additional traits.


Dreamers are all around us. When surrounded by darkness, Dreamers see the light.

Are you a Dreamer?