Beyond the Lens

Beyond the Lens by KOI

The world is filled with beauty, but not all of it is visible to the naked eye. The hidden details of our universe are often missed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Beyond the Lens explores the secret wonders of the world, utilizing the power of technology to uncover new possibilities and reveal realities beyond what meets the eye. With cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, we explore the hidden intricacies of our world and uncover awe-inspiring beauty that has yet to be seen. Through Beyond the Lens, we celebrate the unseen and the unknown, unlocking alternate dimensions and discovering new truths beyond the lens of the camera.

Inspired by films. Using AI to create photography and cinematography inspired by films. To showcase the limitless capabilities and range of AI art creation tools in creating multi-disciplinary and multi-genre works. AI art generation is a tool of expressing passion in the form of art, to create and make exist things that you love.