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Artificial Pathways


Sometimes, the most beautiful journey is the one that we create for ourselves. This exhibition showcases the beauty of artificial pathways, and the way that technology can transport us to far-off lands.

Project Details


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“Nexus” is a collection of artworks that explores the idea of doorways or portals connecting different realms. Whether it is a doorway to another dimension, a parallel universe, or simply a different state of mind, “Nexus” represents a passage to something new and unknown. It is a symbol of hope and possibility, offering a glimpse into a world beyond our own. This collection of artworks invites viewers to step through the nexus doorway and explore the possibilities that lie beyond.


200 artworks in total:

  • 50 reserved for Sentient members

  • 150 for public sale


Presale: June 13th 9:30am PST

Public Sale: June 13th, 10:00am PST


Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from each artist at any point in time.


0.08 Ξ + gas per artwork





H01, also known as Human0idia, refers to his inclination to combine human elements and AI technology to create his artworks. Before immersing into digital art, he painted as a hobby starting as long as 10 years ago. After discovering the world of AI art, he was instantly captivated by the potential of the technology for art, and the freedom of expression and imagination it offers to those who use it. In his art, he explores the relationship between man and machine, the digital and the human, and the ways in which technology can be used to create new, innovative art.

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DeltaSauce is an artist residing in Northern Texas. Growing up immersed in movies, music, and video games, thanks in part to his dad. After becoming introduced to AI in early September, he dreamed of crafting his own world and lore. Realizing that AI can be used to push the story forward, he began working on the world of Pathos. Always willing to push the art form forward, he seeks to continue to learn more about the craft and see AI become mainstream.

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