AI Art is Not Art

AI Art is Not Art by Claire Silver

While some may argue that artificial intelligence is not capable of producing art, we believe that the beauty of AI lies in its ability to transcend traditional definitions of art. By creating new pathways and exploring new dimensions, AI can transport us to places that we never imagined possible. ​

AI Art is Not Art is a collection of 500 pieces of AI-Collaborative art by Claire Silver. Each piece combines multiple art movements into a unique aesthetic. Following the same conceptual thread, it was created using a mixture of accessible AI tools: Artbreeder, Prosepainter, Collage by Studio Morphogen, Midjourney, Diffusion, StabilityAI, and Dalle2, as well as handpainting and digitally collaging where needed for cohesion. AI-Collaborative art is a budding movement, faced with the same criticisms most new art movements experience--namely, that it isn't art at all, requires no effort or skill, and has no artistic or concrete value. This collection challenges that idea by building on breadth of art history in ways that could only happen with the collaboration of AI, taking care to include art movements that were dismissed initially by the broader art world, and by using a combination of only accessible, no-code tools to create the work. Each work is a single page in a new, transformative chapter in the book of Art History. Taste is the new skill.