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Ebbs and Flows: Our Universe


Our reality in motion is a constant ebb and flow of energy, a dance of creation and destruction, a melody of love and hate, a painting of peace.



Sentient members will be able to claim 1 free artwork from each artist at any point in time.


0.06 Ξ + gas per artwork with a maximum of 10 artworks per transaction. 





Somnai is an Australian digital artist and designer with a focus on AI and 3D Art. Whether exploring the deep recessing of AI latent spaces or capturing endless loops of 3D movement, Somnai sees the experimentation behind his pieces as his true canvas - working with no boundaries or expectations, but rather, an open invitation for randomness to act as guide. His creative process is fueled by curiosity, persistence, and complete accidents. Somnai (under other pseudonyms) has exhibited and screened works in Australia and abroad, across music festivals, galleries and public installations. He was also among the first published AR artists, as part of Sutu Eat Flies' Prosthetic Reality project.

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Roope Rainisto

Roope Rainisto is a Finnish artist, designer, and photographer with a passion for storytelling. His work explores the boundaries between what is real and what is virtual, what is natural and what is artificial. Roope pushes the capabilities of AI solutions to their limits, harnessing and combining complex technological solutions in innovative ways. He sees AI as another tool in the palette of the artist, no more, no less. Technology should not slave the artist by its limitations but create new ways of artistic communication and exploration - to better serve us in expressing ideas and visions. In his work career, Roope has spent the last 25 years as a user experience designer in the forefront of technology, creating natural solutions out from complex technologies.

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Details below

Roope's project is fully sold out and can be seen on secondary by clicking here.

Mint from Somnai's project below!

Mint limits:

10 max per transaction

0.06 Ξ per artwork + gas


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