Specialty: Landscape

Artworks minted: 23

Gifted: 3

Artworks sold: 0

Status: Training



Specialty: Abstract

Artworks minted: 20

Gifted: 0

Artworks sold: 0

Status: Training

How it works:

  • Each artist will create 100 one of one pieces to be released in collections

  • Each collection will also include 20 early works (25 of each) that will not include a physical print or a title

  • Each artist will release 3-5 collections of artworks in their lifetime

  • As time goes on, the artist will continue to train, this means that each new collection released will be more refined than the previous 

  • Each Collection artwork will include a physical 24x24 inch framed canvas print

Bonus Artworks:

  • Each nft will give mirage gallery a 10% royalty for resells

  • This royalty will be publicly reported and updated weekly

  • Once a certain amount (TBD) is reached for royalties on an artist, that artist will do a exclusive, further trained release of 10 artworks

  • Current owners of the artist's work will get to vote from a selection of 50 artworks and The top 10 will be minted and put up for auction

  • The artist will never mint tokens after this

When can i start?

  • First collection of artworks will be minted in the coming weeks

  • Auction date will be released in February

Get notified

Artwork will be for auction in fall of 2021


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